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anahi_ayala (anahi ayala iacucci)

New on my blog->Internet Governance Forum: real time #OpenData vs #Security and #Privacy #ICT4D #IGF11

2 years 48 weeks ago

humanrightsSEA (weluvhumanrights)

RT @UN: #UN-backed forum discusses #Internet #security, openness and #privacy #IGF11 (Universal #HumanRights, #ASEAN?)

2 years 49 weeks ago

Metztli_IT (Jose R Rodriguez)
2 years 50 weeks ago

Metztli_IT (Jose R Rodriguez)

Mitigating Domain Name System Cyberattacks #ICANNs #Security & Stability Advisory Committee (#SSAC) #IGF11

2 years 50 weeks ago

pforpetra (Petra S)

RT @rmack: When a bug fix can save a journalist's life #netfreedom #igf11 #security

2 years 50 weeks ago

KMBTweets (Khadijah M. Britton)

RT @rmack: When a bug fix can save a journalist's life #netfreedom #igf11 #security

2 years 50 weeks ago

asteris (Asteris Masouras)

RT @rmack When a bug fix can save a journalist's life #netfreedom #igf11 #security CPJ & activists tour Silicon Valley

2 years 50 weeks ago

rmack (Rebecca MacKinnon)

When a bug fix can save a journalist's life #netfreedom #igf11 #security

2 years 50 weeks ago

sunil_abraham (Sunil Abraham)

Nate, Cyworld Hack Stole Information From 35 Million Users: #SouthKorea Officials #IGF11 #219 #security #privacy

2 years 50 weeks ago

bevilwooding (Bevil Wooding)

#Cloud computing services clients need assurances that there data is secure and that data privacy is respected. #IGF #security #IGF11

2 years 50 weeks ago

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In 2012 I wrote a blog on CircleID called State hacking: Do's and don'ts, pros and cons. In this post I give some thoughts to the concept of a government "hacking back" at criminals. The reason for this was an announcement by the Dutch government that it contemplated law along these lines. The...

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China and the United States will set up a working group on cybersecurity, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday, as the two sides moved to ease months of tensions and mutual accusations of hacking and Internet theft. Speaking to reporters in Beijing during a visit to China, Kerry said the United States and China had agreed on the need to speed up action on cyber security, an...

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The headlines out of ICANN's meeting in Beijing may be all about new domains, but it is the quiet, systemic evolution of ICANN itself that holds the greatest promise for Internet users globally.

ICANN President Fadi Chehadé opened the meeting by announcing that it was ICANN's "season to evolve," and setting forth a series of programs, restructuring efforts and policy initiatives...

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This post was co-authored by Sarah McKune, a senior researcher at the Citizen Lab.

Public attention to the secretive world of cyber espionage has risen to a new level in the wake of the APT1: Exposing One of China's Cyber Espionage Units report by security...

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"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause..."

—Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution

There are two Bills that are floating through the corridors of power on the Hill that could...

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Something [WCIT] this way comes1

It is midnight in Dubai and I am listening to the final readings of the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR). This instrument is the final output of two weeks of negotiations at the World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT), a gathering of the world's nations to update the the ITRs...

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Yesterday, in my post on three new threats in one day (click here), I posed the question whether it was necessary to develop regulations that would set a minimum standard on cyber security for devices that connect to the Internet. I'm having second thoughts here, which I'll explain below, but...

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Another contentious issue at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai is 'security'. There has been a dramatic increase in nervousness regarding a whole range of security issues, especially in relation to the internet. They include: SPAM, denial-of-service-attacks, identity theft, cybercrime, cyberwarfare, and privacy issues on social media.


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At the Internet Governance Forum in Baku, I made an intervention on behalf of NL IGF, reporting on the recommendations given by the participants of Workshop 87. Participants...

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The 85th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) begins next week in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Over 1000 engineers, maybe as many as 1400 or more, from all around the...

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Over the past days a lot has been said and written on counter hacking by enforcement agencies. The cause is a letter Dutch Minister I. Opstelten, Security & Justice, sent to parliament. Pros and cons were debated and exchanged. Despite the fact that I...

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The Budapest Conference on Cyberspace brought together nearly 20 heads of states and ministers plus 700 high level experts from various stakeholder groups from 60 countries. However, after two days of discussion there is less clarity where the so-called "London Process" — established by the British Foreign Minister William Hague in...

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New gTLD Program & Security

The new gTLD program will have a profound impact on the private sector's increasing dominance over Internet information resources and ownership of critical registry technical infrastructure assets. It is already anticipated that only the private sector will take full advantage of the commercial possibilities offered by the...

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In two recent debate events I participated in, on iFreedom and privacy in the online world, mistrust of government and government's intentions and motivations on and towards the Internet were abundantly present with more than just a few people in the audiences. The emotions were not new to me, no, it was the rationality that surprised and sometimes almost shocked me. Why? Well, should...

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The Microsoft action against, a Chinese company, started with the news that computers were infected during the production phase. Stepping away from the controversy surrounding the approach (read e.g. Suresh's in-depth article here), there are important lessons that cyber...

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Today I released a report on 'National cyber crime and online threats reporting centres. A study into national and international cooperation'. Mitigating online threats and the subsequent enforcing of violations of laws often involves many different organisations and countries. Many countries are presently engaged in erecting national centres aimed at...

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I will first begin this post by emphasizing that this article is entirely my personal viewpoint and not to be considered as endorsed by or a viewpoint of my employer or any other organization that I am affiliated with. Neither is this to be considered an indictment of the sterling work (which I personally value very highly) that several people in Microsoft are doing against cybercrime....

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Internet Society has released a paper today highlighting the importance of understanding what is important and unchanging about the Internet. From the paper: "As the Internet is increasingly important to everyday life, and more requirements are placed on it by a broader range of stakeholders, it is...

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Cybersecurity regulation is coming. Whether regulations intended to enhance critical infrastructure protection will be based on...

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This year in July gen. Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency and head of the US Cyber Command participated at DefCon, the hackers conference in Las Vegas.

In his address, gen. Alexander said, among other things, "This is the world's best...

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Australians may lose their right to privacy online if the attorney-general has her way.

Nicola Roxon's discussion paper is before a parliamentary inquiry. Proposals include storing the social media and other online and telecommunications data...

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While Congress and the White House deliberate possible actions on FISMA reform and increased oversight of critical infrastructure, relatively little attention is being given to the government-wide cybersecurity regulation already in place, the Data Quality Act (DQA).

Unlike FISMA, which primarily governs the government's...

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Cybersecurity is a top-of-mind issue with calls for individual vigilance, national legislation, and international treaties to address gaps that are exploited causing significant harm and financial loss on a daily basis. The vast majority of these calls are well-intentioned though even among the best-intentioned, some are poorly directed.

Such is the case with all of the proposals...

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I'm sitting in the Popov Room of the ITU Tower in Geneva, the room is quiet, the atmosphere placid, chairs are empty. The final meeting of the CWG WCIT prep WG has just concluded its work and the chair will be reporting to the Council the results of our work. I find myself strangely calm and looking forward to my next week, to be spent in Prague.

The bulk of the work of this WG...

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Crime, fraud, scams etc., they're all very bad things. They're also not going to go away anytime soon.

As a domain name registrar and hosting provider we're constantly "at risk", as we sell a lot of services that are both cost-effective and also give criminals the tools they need to attack 3rd parties.

Again, this isn't exactly news.

We've always taken a very...

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Eugene Kaspersky has warned global leaders that the world needs international agreements about cyber-weapons in the same way as it needs agreements about nuclear or biological weaponry. The chairman and chief executive officer of Kaspersky Lab, warned delegates at CeBIT Australia that cyber-warfare and terrorism was the number one internet threat facing the world today. He said the...

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Only two years after signing the DNS root zone, the powerful lure of a secure global infrastructure for data distribution is starting to reveal itself. It is illustrated clearly by two proposed technical standardizations that seek to leverage secure DNS. To some degree these developments highlight the strength of DNS institutions and how they might fill gaps elsewhere in the Internet's...

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Microsoft took down a Zeus botnet recently. Within days it was publicly accosted by Fox-IT's director Ronald Prins for obstructing ongoing investigations and having used Fox-IT's data. This was followed by the...

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Don't worry about the bad guys turning out the lights. Worry about everything they're stealing while the lights are still on.

The theft of intellectual property ranging from Hollywood films to defense secrets is underway by cyber-criminals of various stripes. Maintaining control over intellectual property may be the single most important challenge to American economic security...

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In Ian Flemming's Thunderball M sends 007 to the Bahamas on a hunch that SPECTRE is hiding something there. Well, it's been our hunch for a while that the Bahamas "office" for the Registrar Internet.BS does not exist. Now we have confirmation of such. It has been...

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This may or may not come as a shock to some of you, but ICANN's contract with the Domain Name Registrars, in terms of WHOIS inaccuracy is not enforceable. Bear with me. The ability of ICANN to enforce against a Registrar who fails to correct or delete a domain with false WHOIS does not exist.

There are two clauses to...

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Last week at RSA, Bruce Schneier gave a talk on the top 3 emerging threats on the Internet. Whereas we in the security field usually talk about spam, malware and cyber crime, he talked about three meta-trends that all have the potential to be more dangerous than the cybercriminals (he talks a bit about it...

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On Wednesday 22 February the United States and The Netherlands signed a "declaration of intent" on the cooperation on fighting cybercrime. This event was reported by the press as a treaty. At least that is what all Dutch postings I read wrote, with exception of the official website of the Dutch government. So what was actually signed? Reading the news reports some thoughts struck me....

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It would be reasonable to assume that your employer is archiving your email communications. But what about your personal emails, texts, phone calls and Facebook posts. Are these really private?

Not for long, if the UK government has its way. It has been reported that its new anti-terror plan, if passed, would require Internet providers and phone companies to store all online...

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As the WHOIS debate rages and the Top-Level Domain (TLD) space prepares to scale up the problem of rogue domain registration persists. These are set to be topics of discussion in Costa Rica. While the ICANN...

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Over the last year the world has been virtually buried under news items describing hacks, insecure websites, servers and scada systems, etc. Each and every time people seem to be amazed and exclaim "How is this possible?" Politicians ask questions, there is a short lived uproar and soon after the world continues its business as usual. Till the next incident.

In this blog post I...

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Wout de Natris writes: At a speech during the Security and Defense Agenda meeting on 30 January Vice-President of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes, showed how the Commission envisions public-private cooperation on cyber security.

Remarks by Kroes:

"The Internet does not belong to any one group, but attacks on it...

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Realizing the Dream of a Knowledge Economy

2011 has been a significant year for the technology sector globally. Information technology is touching more people in more ways than ever before.

Developed markets will be considering a 2012 in which business innovation, competitiveness, and service differentiation are built on ubiquitous broadband,...

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Here is the provisional list of the main Internet governance developments in 2011 and we need your help to compile a final list. Please let us know your views by:

Making comments and adding any other development you think should be on this list.

Joining us for the...

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