Session: The Impact of Regulation: Open Source and Enterprise

Wed, 2011-09-28 14:30 - 16:00

Concise Description:
The workshop seeks to elaborate the impact of regulation, between Free and Open Source Software and Enterprise. It will look at the following key areas:
Education, Software development,Digital Content, Empowering persons with disability, FOSS for disaster preparedness etc.

If time allows, we will explore, if cloud computing is an open Source adjacent?

This lively discussion, is meant to bring into perspective the real picture in the market and broaden the minds of participants to realize the options available and come up with recommendations on what needs to be considered to have a fair playing ground, more especially for the developing countries.

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10' to 3rd #igf11 track of day 2. #115 Cybercrime strategies/CoE, #438 Corp responsibility, #211 FOSS4D, #212 Privacy & infosec/AccessNow

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