Session: Mapping Internet Governance

Wed, 2011-09-28 09:00 - 10:30

Concise Description:
This workshop will explore where and how Internet Governance decisions
are currently taken. What are the relevant fora and decision-making
bodies? In what topic areas do they make decisions and with what
kinds of impacts? How can individuals and stakeholder organizations
make sure that their viewpoints and concerns are appropriately taken
into consideration?

Besides having a discussion of these topics in Nairobi, the workshop
aims at initiating a multistakeholder process for creating a document
"Map of Internet Governance" which addresses these questions from a
balanced, multistakeholder perspective, and for thereafter keeping
this document up-to-date. As a starting point for the discussions, a
list of already existing documents with similar goals and a rough
draft for a first edition of the Map will be prepared in advance. At
the workshop itself, it will be a main goal to learn from diverse
stakeholders about what information is important to them to empower
their effective participation in Internet Governance fora.

There will be special emphasis on the challenges related to effective
participation from developing countries in Internet Governance
decision-making processes, with the objective of ensuring that the
resulting decisions become more conductive to development goals.

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