Session: Multistakeholder Internet Public Policy Dialogue: Lessons Learned and Best Practice Examples of Local to Global Policy Dialogue

Thu, 2011-09-29 16:30 - 18:00

Concise Description:
In the past five years, Internet public policy dialogue has taken various forms, shapes and approaches, and have been implemented at various levels and in various regions of the world. National fora has been seen as a positive outcome of the global process resulting in an increased number of dialogue spaces, especially in developing countries. The quality of discussion however is called to question as it is reflected in the outcomes of public policy dialogue at levels other than global. The workshop sets out to discuss some of these issues and especially some of the valuable lessons learned from global to local internet public policy dialogue processes, based on research conducted at all levels of the IGF (global, continental, regional and national), tools and methodology used for effective public policy dialogue, and how these can influence the way in which future internet policy dialogue is designed and implemented.

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